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Buffalo Nickel

Buffalo Nickel

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In 1904 a Kiowa boy named Went on a Journey is sent to a white man's school run by Christian missionaries in Oklahoma and renamed David Copperfield by his teacher. He meets a girl whose school name is Iola, the brightest student and the pet of the school. They seem opposites in all ways, but a bond is forged that lasts 25 years in spite of long separations and unpredictable turns in their lives that keep them apart. Iola wants all there is in the white man's world, only to seek her heritage years later. David, who wants none of the white world, strikes it oil-rich, and is manipulated by a white woman and an unscrupulous banker. As the world's wealthiest Indian, he finds a place for himself in the early days of Hollywood. Rich with Indian legends and historical detail, this novel has an interesting feel about it and a thoughtfulness that makes it more than simple entertainment. Recommended. - Allayne C. Heyduk, Riverside Sch. Lib., Oneonta, N.Y.