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Funky Business: Talent Makes Capital Dance

Funky Business: Talent Makes Capital Dance

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These are the words, which summarize all the 256 pages of the book and energize them. Although casual in style and easy-to-understand in language, Funky Business is yet a profound and philosophical survey of the recent shift of basic values in social and business structures of the global society. Those, who understand the spirit and emotions of Mission Impossible II or Swordfish - Password Accepted, will definitely appreciate both the style and the message. For the "businessmen", who love ACID Jazz the message of the book is also easy to catch.

This is not the book to read, to learn and to forget. This is the action book. It wakes up those who haven't yet understood that Future Just Happened. And it puts more pressure on those who are already awoken in order to move faster.
2 Ill edition