Kellogg on Marketing

Kellogg on Marketing

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`The Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge marketing. What a treasure to find such a complete anthology of today`s best strategic marketers all in one place. Kellogg on Marketing provides a unique combination of new and proven marketing theories that the reader can translate into business success`. - Betsy D.Holden, President and CEO, Kraft Foods.

`Kellogg on Marketing` presents a comprehensive look at marketing today, combining well-founded theory with relevant, contemporary examples in the marketplace. This should be mandatory reading for all students of marketing`. - Robert S.Morrison, Chairman, President and CEO, The Quaker Oats Company.

`The Who`s Who write on the what`s what of marketing. Now, these preeminent marketing doctors are making house calls. Enjoy`. - Robert A.Eckert, Chairman and CEO, Mattel, Inc.

`This volume is a fascinating collection of perspectives on what it takes to dominate a market space in the New Economy… A clear demonstration of why Kellogg is Kellogg - one of the thought leaders in the discipline of marketing`. - Mel Bergstein, Chairman and CEO, Diamond Technology Partners.

`New economy cases make this text appeal to old economy strategists. We shouldn`t be surprised with the quality of this work, given its origin in the Kellogg School`. - Ronald W.Dollens, President, Guidant Corporation.
1st edition.