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Leadership Sopranos Style. How to Become a More Effective Boss

Leadership Sopranos Style. How to Become a More Effective Boss

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Conflicting loyalties; Terminations; A changing culture; New competitive threats. These phrases describe the challenges facing many of today`s most successful businesses. They also describe the challenges facing another profitable organization-television`s Soprano family. As the boss of the family, Tony Soprano knows the difficulties of being an effective leader in an environment of change, complexity, and crisis. He has experienced the struggle to find and keep talent. And as for loyalty-fuhgetaboutit! When it comes to business, you need more than loyalty if you`re gonna avoid swimming with the fishes. Today`s environment can leave even the most efficient boss feeling powerless, unable to make decisions or implement them. Tony Soprano knows that if you wanna get things done, you can`t continue to lead as you have in the past. Author Debbie Himsel has been exposed to virtually every leadership theory and development methodology. In Leadership Soprano Style, she makes a clear case that Tony Soprano is the Jack Welch of his particular industry - that his management style brilliantly illuminates a new set of leadership principles, and that underbosses around the world can learn a great deal from Tony, flaws and all. Himsel shares these principles with readers, using Tony as a catalyst for understanding the leadership tools and techniques that are necessary to whack the competition and win in business.
Chapter highlights include:
- Who`s the Boss: A Simple, Clear Structure;
- The Strategic Goal Is to Make Money;
- The War for Talent;
- Understanding Your Deeper Need to Kill the Competition;
- Sit-Downs and Other Conflict Management Tools;
- Coaching the Poobahs and the Goombahs;
- Give It to My Face: Receiving Feedback;
- Charisma: More Than a Flashy Tie and a Cheap Cigar;
- If Your Organization Were Part of the Mob.