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When Customers Think We Don't Care: The Enemy Within

When Customers Think We Don't Care: The Enemy Within

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Employers rarely have much to fear from outside forces - when any employer fails it is usually because of their own people who drive away the hand that feeds them.

Richard Buchanan

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This upbeat, strategic business book is about how to gain a competitive edge by identifying the faults in and improving the internal workings of a customer service oriented company. The book outlines an easily implemented, step by step system that addresses all the key areas of a company's operations and explains in practical terms how to improve them strategically and end the actions that self destruct companies, customer service and jobs.

The author is animated and passionate about his subject and this shows through in this approach and writing. He uses humour and a snappy, to-the-point style that captures and maintains the reader's attention with part headings such as: Turning Cultures that Can't Into Cultures That Care, Straightening Out Marketing, and Clearing Out Self-Destructive Barriers.
Combined with a personalized manner and lots of tips and hints, the book is an easy cover to cover read that can also work just as well as an easy reference to be dipped into when required.

Despite the deceptive title and cover of the first edition, this book has shown steady sales over the years. We are relaunching this second edition under a new revised title with substantially updated material and a fresh post-modernist marketing approach.
2nd edition.