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Key Management Ideas: Thinkers That Changed the Management World

Key Management Ideas: Thinkers That Changed the Management World

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New management ideas are springing up all the time, propagated by new gurus, adopted by consultancies, and promoted through hundreds of business books. But how do managers find time to read every new theory? How do they distinguish important ideas from pure sales hype? They read one book instead of hundreds. Key Management Ideas cuts through the padding and jargon to give concise summaries of the most important contemporary management ideas. It puts the ideas that changed the management world into the hands of those who need to implement them. Stuart Crainer provides an educated and unbiased opinion of the worth of each concept and discusses the benefits and pitfalls of applying them. New for this edition- an expanded chapter on global management a new chapter on stakeholding and corporate responsibility a scaled down section on re-engineering a revised Chapter 8 focusing on knowledge management, intellectual capital and organizational learning analysis of c. 20 new theories introduction of several more management gurus.
3rd edition.