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Dear Green Marketer: Fresh Ideas for Marketing Green Products to a Public that Doesn't Seem to Care

Dear Green Marketer: Fresh Ideas for Marketing Green Products to a Public that Doesn't Seem to Care

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Buying green isn't just for the affluent. New research conducted by veteran marketer Jeff Dubin has revealed that a significant group of female consumers who currently buy few green products are eager to green their purchases. Based on a survey and in-person interviews he conducted with 650 women, Dubin upends conventional wisdom by saying that there is a group of mainstream women (i.e., those women who are not very green currently) that want to green their purchases but who are stymied either because they are unaware of green brands, can't find these brands in the stores where they regularly shop, or because they perceive the brands to have a high price tag. The book is full of many other interesting conclusions. One is that women who identify as politically liberal are no more likely to buy green products than women who identify as conservative. It turns out that those women that identify themselves as politically independent are the most frequent consumers of eco-friendly items. Dubin's overall conclusion? Green marketers need to step outside progressive urban and suburban enclaves and target a broader swath of America. As Dubin reveals, one-third of the mainstream say they would like to buy more green household cleaners and personal care products but have been unable so far; Dubin calls this group the Green Aspirants. From marketers of eco-friendly goods and services to general readers who want to see our consumer society become more eco-friendly, Dear Green Marketer provides new strategies for engaging mainstream consumers. Rooted in rigorous market research and written in an accessible style, Dubin's book will not only help green companies improve their bottom lines but will also provide ideas for helping American society to lighten its ecological footprint.