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Stolen Birthright: Recapturing the American Dream

Stolen Birthright: Recapturing the American Dream

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America today finds herself with leaders who are unresponsive to any measure of fidelity to the Constitution of the United States. The decline of the United States is rooted in the apparent ambivalence of her people and collectively, the false notion that one person alone cannot make a difference. However pervasive the opinion may be, there is an alternative solution within easy reach and available for every citizen and resident to immediately implement. What are you personally doing to halt government overspending and curb the overreach of Congress? The easiest course of action requires that America's people do just one simple thing; the individual must begin taking immediate steps to proactively retrieve their own birthright and in the process, recapture the American dream. This book is a must read for anyone seriously interested in discovering the cause of America's decline and what may be done to reverse her tragic course.