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The Decline and Fall of Europe

The Decline and Fall of Europe

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IS EUROPE DOOMED? What if it fell apart? What if the Eurozone crisis was just the beginning of what's in store for Europe? What if there were other destructive forces besides economic ones that threatened to blow the entire edifice into pieces? In The Decline and Fall of Europe, Dr. Francesco M. Bongiovanni offers a unique panoramic view of the intractable challenges Europe faces today, starting from the birth of "Project Europe" with its unique political and economic model, charting the progress and shortcomings of the Union, addressing how the continent has descended into geopolitical irrelevance, how Europeans espoused what became the unsustainable "civilization of entitlements", the challenges of enlargement and the question of Turkey's accession, how decades of mismanagement of immigration planted the seeds of social instability, how growth has become a forgotten word in most of Europe, and how the Euro, intended to be the glue holding the Union together is threatening to bring it down instead. The conclusion that increasing impoverishment and instability await Europeans seems inescapable. The book offers a timely, multi-dimensional and irreverent portrait of a decaying Europe, reviewing in detail the causes and consequences of a decline which is going to affect Europeans as well as the entire world.