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QFINANCE Third Edition: The Ultimate Resource

QFINANCE Third Edition: The Ultimate Resource

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QFINANCE (3rd Edition): The Ultimate Resource is the first-stop reference for the finance professional or the student of finance. Its coverage and author quality reflect a fine blend of practitioner and academic expertise which provides the reader with an thorough education in 2 million words. The expansive coverage of QFINANCE (3rd Edition) offers both practical and thought-provoking guidance to satisfy the demands of the finance professional. The book includes over 250 best practice and thought leadership articles covering key concerns such as accounting standards, management development and the problems with mainstream economics. QFINANCE also includes: Checklists: more than 250 practical guides and solutions to daily financial challenges; Finance Information Sources: 200+ pages spanning 65 finance areas; International Financial information: up-to-date country and industry data; Management Library: over 130 summaries of the most popular finance titles; Finance Thinkers: 50 biographies covering their work and life; Quotations and Dictionary.