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Finance Essentials

Finance Essentials

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Finance Essentials is aimed primarily at those serious about the importance of continuous education a?? from university through their entire careers. It is excellent background reading, and focuses on key knowledge areas that a finance professional needs to do his job well. Finance Essentials is organized into the following sections: Auditing & Corporate Governance, Strategic Management, Risk Perspectives, Business Finance, Financial Statement Analysis and CSR and includes:a?? Over 60 Best Practice articles: a selection of the top articles from the thought leaders in finance, guiding the way through financial jungle.a?? 40+ step-by-step guides to key finance tasks, from hedging interest rates to calculating your total economic capital.a?? Over 50 key ratios and calculations to monitor the financial health of a firm.a?? 5000 jargon-free definitions of thousands business and finance termsa?? Profiles of the great minds behind modern finance a?? their lives, thoughts and the practical applications of their theories