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The Great Property Ponzi Scam: Unlock the truth, educate yourself, and protect your investments

The Great Property Ponzi Scam: Unlock the truth, educate yourself, and protect your investments

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According to Richard Houston, you can be one of the educated few who turns an impending disaster to your own financial advantagea??but only if you wake up and smell some very fishy facts. Without a basic understanding of the worlda??s money markets and the little-known machinations of how they work, youa??re likely to fall victim to a long-running scam in which financial services industries and governments use your money to further their own wealth (and debt)a??and keep you locked into beliefs and schemes that not only dona??t serve your best interests, but are ticking financial time bombs. At the heart of this teetering house of cards, argues former mortgage-broker Houston, is the real estate property marketa??not the safe reliable arena investors have come to trust, but rather a Ponzi scheme built on quicksand. While this may sound preposterous at first, Houston backs up his points with vital explanations and background information that are actually common knowledgea??if you just dig a little into the facts. Having left the industry with contempt, Houstona??s skepticism is based on hard experience. From a fascinating history of money to a scathing exposA© of the realities regarding the American Federal Reserve, from the real estate boom of the 70s to the fragile bubbles of the 21st century, Houston takes us on a jaw-dropping journey whose logic does point to only one outcome: a game of financial musical chairs thata??s been played under your nose for decades. And youa??ll be left standing when the music stops. Where will you be when it hits, how can you position yourself to capitalize on it rather than be crushed by it...and why did you never learn all this before? Become a Money Warrior NOW: prepare yourself for the education you should have received in school but didna??t. Get ready to be outraged at the way the financial apparatus of your nation worksa??and doesna??t. Set yourself up to wake up and rise up from the crowds of a??sheep asleep.a?? Become an aware, informed and savvy consumer who can protect your family, money and propertya??now and in the future. Gear up for The Great Property Ponzi Scam!