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Business Basics: Prepare Yourself, Add Customers, Cut Costs, and Eliminate Investments for You and Your Stakeholders

Business Basics: Prepare Yourself, Add Customers, Cut Costs, and Eliminate Investments for You and Your Stakeholders

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Business Basics provides would-be entrepreneurs who are planning to start up a first business, experienced entrepreneurs who are preparing to start another business, and leaders of existing businesses with wisdom and directions to accomplish 8,000 times more. The booka??s 52 lessons are based on the most extensive investigations ever conducted into making business breakthroughs with existing resources, and the lessons show how to: a?? prepare for leading an extraordinarily successful enterprise a?? expand a marketa??s size by twenty times and profitably gain market share while doing so a?? cut a companya??s costs (and those of its stakeholders) for providing and using an offering by 96 percent a?? decrease the investments needed to provide and use an offering by 96 percent As a result, revenues grow by much more than twenty times. Profits expand by more than 400 times as revenues soar, while unit costs plunge. Free cash flow is much more than 8,000 times larger because growth requires little or no new investment. The value of a business also expands by more than 8,000 times. Other stakeholders receive exponential benefit gains as well. In contrast to its title, Business Basics is also an advanced book that assumes knowledge of and facility in several of the books developed by the 400 Year Project (founded in 1995 to demonstrate how to accomplish improvements in less than one year that normally take at least twenty years to achieve: see at www.fastforward400.com) including The 2,000 Percent Solution, The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook, The Irresistible Growth Enterprise, The Ultimate Competitive Advantage, The 2,000 Percent Squared Solution, and 2,000 Percent Living. Your time and attention in reading and applying those books will be well repaid by upgrading your knowledge, skills, and resources for breakthroughs you want to accomplish. Business Basics is designed to be read and applied over at least a year. The booka??s messages are captured in fifty-two lessons presented in the four parts that correspond to the four breakthrough questions listed earlier. Each lesson contains assignments for you. Some of the assignments can be done in a few hours. Completing other assignments may well extend over several months. Think of Business Basics as a book that combines theory, advanced practices, and directions for applied work. Each lesson has been tested by members of The Billionaire Entrepreneursa?? Master Mind, a group of entrepreneurs around the world that was founded in 2006. I serve as the research coordinator for the group, and I authored all of the lessons developed so far (exceeding 290 and growing). The fifty-two lessons you find in the book are the ones that were most valuable to the study groupa??s members in recent years for answering the four breakthrough questions. Many people incorrectly doubt that businesses can make such exponential gains. I invite such skeptics to read and apply the book with a critical eye to see if what is shared makes sense. Business Basics is also intended to help business leaders who either copy or just slightly improve on the new business models that are created by the booka??s readers. As a result of such efforts, my goal is to encourage and to assist a million entrepreneurs to succeed in establishing 2,000 percent cubed businesses for the first time. From the resulting business models, I estimate that over a hundred million vastly improved businesses will eventually emerge. The offerings and benefits for stakeholders from such new business models will improve global prosperity in an unprecedented way, one of the goals of the 400 Year Project (to help everyone on Earth improve twenty times faster than normal from 2015 through 2035). I thank you for helping humanity by reading the book and applying its lessons. You will probably never know all of the good that you are doing.