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Construction Project Management Body of Knowledge

Construction Project Management Body of Knowledge

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Largely relying on individual experience, most construction project managers do not have a set of comprehensive rules for management processes or even a management system. They rely at times on individual experience for such things as scheduling. But there is no set of comprehensive methods that combines the essence of project management. This type of construction project management could perhaps satisfy the needs of regional competition in the past, but cannot respond to the present demands of global competition. Now major construction projects often involve bidding invitations to international contractors. Only those with a perfect construction project management model can stand out amongst the many international competitors. A construction project may involveenormous investment, high social visibility and often public safety as well. Less than stringent construction project management can result in schedule delays, cost overruns, poor quality and even danger to the public. Construction projects invariably require collaboration between several contractors. The absence of a comprehensive construction project management framework to integrate everyonea??s thinking and behavioral modes can easily turn the construction process into one for resolving communication and coordination problems, rather than improving team efficiency and dynamism. The body of knowledge summarizes the construction project management steps and implementation techniques into construction project management methods. These methods will steer the thinking logic of construction project management personnel to be active and helpful and this will have a positive affect on the enforcement and execution of every step.