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Future trends in conference tourism: Successful marketing strategies

Future trends in conference tourism: Successful marketing strategies

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Revision with unchanged content. The main purpose of this book is to find out those future trends which will deeply influence conference tourism and the research of appropriate marketing strategies. It compares Hong Kong and Vienna, which are both representative cities of the conference tourism in Asia and Europe respectively. A portfolio analysis of both conference cities was made to facilitate a direct comparison. In order to define future trends in conference tourism, the author used a funnel-system. First global trends were analysed, followed by trends in Asia and Europe. After a categorisation of the future trends in tourism, new directions for conference tourism were established. Future trends in conference tourism have been categorised in six sections which are explained in the book. The destination which will be the first to orientate its marketing strategies according to these trends could have an enormous advantage in the future. In order to compare Hong Konga??s and Viennaa??s marketing strategies with each other a three dimensional consideration consisting of a historical, a cultural and an economical axis was made.