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Wouldn't you want God to Speak directly to you about your business? Do you want clear direction guided by God's wisdom and knowledge? Owning a business can be difficult in these hard economic times. Every day we find ourselves answering many questions, making decisions and dealing with uncertainty. Experience the majesty and beauty of a close relationship with God by spending time in the closet. He will speak to you there. You will see your circumstances change as you pray about: a?? Trusting God a?? Being a servant a?? Knowing God's will a?? Listening to God a?? Exact instructions a?? Performing the miraculous When you can discern the Spirit of God, you will get answers and direct instructions for your business. You will know the heart of God by learning to listen to Him speak directly to you about you. Tremendous peace and confidence will be yours when you trust the God in you. Sherry A. Headen is a part-owner of two child care centers located in the Greater Cleveland Ohio area. Sherry has been in business for over 17 years and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The College Of Wooster, and a Master's Degree in Social Work Administration from Case Western Reserve University. Sherry is a wife to David Headen, MD, and is a mom to four children. Her greatest passion is for individuals to be able to speak directly to and to rely on God in order to reach their fullest potential in life. While Sherry is a business owner, to those who know her best, she is simply a loving, caring and nurturing Child Care Administrator, who takes seriously her role as the giver of hugs, treats and encouragement to the children, parents and staff in which God has entrusted her to serve.