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Plugged: Dig Out and Get the Right Things Done

Plugged: Dig Out and Get the Right Things Done

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Chet McGill, the dedicated VP of sales at AlphaMax Manufacturing, is under fire. Trident, their biggest client, is being pursued, aggressively, by a new competitor. At the same time, Chet is feeling off-balance as he preps for a golf tournament in which he's partnered with Reggie Ward, Trident's VP of Operations. Faced with big problems and with all eyes on him, Chet learns to get back to the what's most important to his company, his clients and himself in PLUGGED. In the spirit of Who Moved My Cheese and the highly readable style of Patrick Lencioni and Jeffrey Gitomer, Krissi and Dan Bar offer a simple parable that is engaging, engrossing and empowering. PLUGGED teaches readers to 'shoot for PAR', a simple, proven method to achieve success in just 3 useful steps: Prioritize. Focus on what matters most. Adapt. See change as an opportunity Be Responsible. Take ownership of the outcome.