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CareerCode: Know Your Code, Find Your Fit

CareerCode: Know Your Code, Find Your Fit

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The modern job market is ceaselessly expanding as techA­nology and culture changes. Today, there are more than forty thousand different job titles in the United States, each demanding different training, talents, and personaliA­ties. With CareerCode: Know Your Code, Find Your Fit, Jan Lowe and Tracy Lungrin have shared a cutting-edge and enlightening process that links personal traits, interA­ests, and work environments to real and practical careers in today's rapidly changing world. This guide can help: - Students wishing to explore career options smartly - Workers in unsatisfying career paths - Retirees seeking a purposeful job or volunteer opportunity - Counselors and life coaches seeking new tools and techniques for their practices - Parents or caring individuals interested in helping a loved one find suitable career choices - Managers, HR professionals, or talent directors looking to learn more about employee job fit The codes explored in this book supply any career seeker with the roadmap to end career gridlock and begin a unique and fulfilling future. Know your code and find your fit!