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The Best Book on How To Become A Full-time Stand-up Comedian

The Best Book on How To Become A Full-time Stand-up Comedian

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Becoming a full-time stand-up comedian isnt usually a formulaic process. Unlike college admissions, law school, or medical school, there is no predictable path. Whether youve never written a joke before or are a veteran performer looking to make this a full time profession, learn how to make stand-up comedy your full-time job, and how to make money doing it. Opportunities to perform are everywhere, but they arent necessarily easy to find. Here an acclaimed and experienced full-time touring performer teaches you how to kickstart your career as a comedian. In this eBook, Dan Nainan shares the secrets of his business and walks readers through building their own careers in comedy.CHAPTER OUTLINE cat 1 Chapter 1: What Is Stand-up Comedy? Stand-up Comedy: An Overview Chapter 2: Careers in Comedy Comedy Careers Chapter 3: Breaking Into Stand-Up Comedy The 12 Best Tips For Breaking Into Stand-Up Comedy Chapter 4: Getting Started Make Your First Career Moves Chapter 5: Just The Jokes Writing Your Material Chapter 6: How To Hustle Networking & Job Hunting Tips For Comedians Chapter 7: Getting Gigs Performing Domestically Comedy Festivals Opportunities To Perform For Up-And-Coming Stand-up Comedians Performing Internationally ...and much more Chapter 9: Performing Live How To Kill It On Stage Dan’s Best Tips for Live Performing: Chapter 8: Rehearsing Your Routine . . . And How To Make It Look Like You Didn’t Chapter 10: Stand Up Anywhere Different Avenues For Performance Chapter 11: A Day in The Life Touring And Performing As A Full-Time Stand-Up Comedian Chapter 12: The Nitty Gritty Details Lifestyle, Salary, Perks, and Disadvantages Chapter 13: Dressing The Part Dressing The Part Chapter 14: Stand-up Comedians On The Web Chapter 15: Social Networking For A Stand-Up Comedian Chapter 16: Comic Industry Inspirations 20 Great Comics Chapter 17: Final Advice to Aspiring Comedians Have Your Head In The Clouds But Your Feet On The Ground Author Fun FAQ