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Clickst@rt Your Career: The Jobseeker's Guide

Clickst@rt Your Career: The Jobseeker's Guide

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CLICKST@RT YOUR CAREER Learn how to use social networks to transform your working life If you want your career to change, you need to be where the changers are. Social media has transformed the working world. Theses days, the career people who count are looking online. Theya??re looking at profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And the latest emerging platforms. So get noticed in the right places for the right reasons. Of course, you cana??t possibly be everywhere, looking at every job opportunity, talking to every new contact and following up every possible lead. However, your online profile never sleeps. It is always ready for business. Learn how to create a powerful profile that works for youa?¦ not against you. Ita??ll make all the difference to your career path. So, are you ready to wise up to whata??s out therea?¦ to start using simple, easy-to-implement ways to look good onlinea?¦ to clinch the precise job youa??ve been envisioninga?¦ and so transform your working life? Then this book is for you. Ita??s time to clickst@rt your career. CONTENTS 1. Using Social Media for Your Career 2. Which Social Media is going to Help You? 3. Public Domain Etiquette 4. Public Image; You Are a Celebrity! 5. Why LinkedIn is Your Best Friend 6. Create Your Profile on Facebook 7. Create Your Profile on Twitter 8. Create Your Profile on LinkedIn 9. Create Your Profile on YouTube 10. Create a WordPress Blog / Website 11. Other Sites of Interest 12. Social Networking Superstar 13. Are You The One For Me; Turning the Tables! 14. Youa??re Fired! 15. What Next?