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VROM: Vacation Rental Owner's Manual: Volume 1 Do-it-Yourself Vacation Rental Management

VROM: Vacation Rental Owner's Manual: Volume 1 Do-it-Yourself Vacation Rental Management

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Rev up Your Vacation Revenues with this practical guide which includes powerful forms such as hospitality lease (worth the price, alone!), cleaning checklist, "Book of Etiquette," for vacation rental guests, e-mail form letters. Learn how to close & maximize bookings, create a hospitable environment, handle unexpected situations. This book even teaches how to manage a vacation property from far away! What people are saying: "This is the only resource an owner/operator would ever need. Every detail and then some is covered within it's pages. I was amazed at just how many little things we had overlooked in our business plan and running of our own vacation rental in Cuernavaca, Mexico. If you have a rental property - you need this book! No matter how experienced you believe yourself to be, you will pick up some great tips from the author's who must have spent years writing the book. If you don't have a rental property - you need this book. Imagine owning a home in some wonderful port-of-call and having a return on your investment in less that two years. It is possible to have the retirement home of a lifetime completely paid for in a very short time through investing in and renting the property until your retirement. The best part is that the authors show you how to do this without even lifting a finger - in that you can have other people to care for the property on your behalf and have the renters pay for it. The authors cover every little detail and point out how to avoid losing money through damages or cancellations. Don't wait until it's too late - buy this book today!" Bill Hood (Austin, TX) "I started a vacation rental with very little knowledge. Thanks to Deborah Nelson and her helpful book I have learned so many things about this business. Many great ideas helped me to improve my business, improve my income, learn about the many things to be aware of and reduced my time involved in running it. Many cost saving and time saving tips in this book and issues I never would have thought of. A great investment! " Faro of Faro's Montecito Retreat (Montecito, CA) I bought this book to learn about the VRBO business from the ground up. This book delivered. Excellent detail in theoretical as well as practical information. V. L. Freeman (Goodland, KS) I have a home in Santa Barbara, which I turned into a vacation rental. I got Deborah Nelson's book and found it to be invaluable! It's extremely thorough, helpful and easy to understand. I am sure it will save me plenty of would-be problems with tenants. I especially liked the forms she includes. She explains why a 'hospitality agreement' is much better than a lease. If you plan on vacation renting or know someone who already is, this is the book! -Cindy White (Santa Barbara, CA) BOTTOM LINE, this book is PRACTICAL. Avoid costly mistakes, save thousands of bucks with the "TOP TEN FREE & PAID VACATION RENTAL LISTINGS," with over $400 of discounted promo codes for products to accelerate your vacation rentals to greater profits. This book is a MUST HAVE MANUAL for anyone starting vacation rental business!