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The Brokerage of Investment Real Estate

The Brokerage of Investment Real Estate

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The Brokerage of Investment Real Estate shows you what you need to know about investment real estate product types; how to underwrite income, vacancy and expenses to construct a supportable net income; how to market your listing; and how to negotiate purchase agreements and execute the escrow continuum. Once you understand the product and the street-level rules of the game between brokers and principals, the next step is to discover the subtle and proven sales techniques that successful investment brokers utilize to set themselves apart from their competition. Investment Real Estate Sales Coaching offers one-on-one follow-up workshops to give you the basic building blocks you need to be competitive in the world of consultative selling. If you decide that investment real estate sales isn't for you, the skills you learn in these workshops will be transferable to any other endeavor you pursue. For more information, go to www.investment-re-coach.com .