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Merger Integration Capability: Best Practices in Integration

Merger Integration Capability: Best Practices in Integration

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Revision with unchanged content. An overwhelming volume of previous studies have found that the majority of all merA­gers fail to meet their expected financial targets because of an inability to effectively integrate the organizations. Most companies are not ready to handle the large and complex task of merger integration, which often encompasses all areas of the orA­gaA­niA­zations. Inability to prioritize and effectively execute the right processes in the merger integration effort can lead to stalemate in the companya??s operation, which can have disastrous effects. While there have been numerous research made on specific areas of the integration process, the authors found no general framework that focuses on assessing merger integration capability at a company. This book utilizes a large volume of previous reA­search and structures the identified best practices into a framework for success in all aspects of the merger integration process. Accompanied by a checklist it is possible to evaluate a companya??s readiness for integration based on previous experiences, and highlight its main problem areas. This book also contains a real case study where the framework and checklist was applied in an evaluation of Biotage AB, a Swedish medical company on the Nordic Stock Exchange. The primary target group for this study is professionals dealing with merger integration, both consultants and organizations.