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The Boy Broker: Among the Kings of Wall Street

The Boy Broker: Among the Kings of Wall Street

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In 1888, one of the richest men in America published his masterpiece on becoming successful. More than a century later, the wit and wisdom of Frank A. Munsey's "Boy Broker" still shines through. This edition maintains all the integrity of the 1888 edition, while adding valuable new features including "Notes for the Modern Reader," which provide information and context to the 21st Century reader. - Edited for Clarity - Now includes Historical Biographies and Information - Contains New Illustrations From his own experience, Frank Munsey noted that when young people are given lectures or advice, it often proves valueless (they ignore it). Instead, he reasoned, people are influenced by their friends and peers, and also their heros. Munsey therefore wrote this book as a story with a hero, where the subconscious mind is the recipient of its advice. The story follows the adventures of young Herbert Randolph, in his quest for independence and achievement in the great city of New York. We hope that you will find this updated edition far more readable than the original, while enjoying all its 19th century wit and character.