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Smart Guide To The Perfect Job Interview

Smart Guide To The Perfect Job Interview

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The perfect book for learning how to win the job you want. Learn to distinguish yourself from competitors with this comprehensive, powerful collection of techniques and insights from a former senior executive who used them to build his own career. Former fighter pilot and senior business executive, David Holmes, incorporates his own experience and the lessons learned from the mistakes he and his colleagues saw from hundreds of job candidates to help you fashion an individualized, workable solution to your interview challenges. Learn how to shine when compared to your competition: Get "inside information" on what makes a great job interview Build a disciplined, systematic approach Discover how to avoid common interview mistakes Learn proprietary, innovative techniques like: personal scripts with scene-stealing dialogue, the "chair-flying" practice method, world-class research frameworks, checklists and timelines Integrate enhancement skills: leadership, client relations, and new business development Construct a "real world" resume, study sample mock interview sessions, and develop a follow-up plan You will benefit from this book if you are: Currently unemployed Changing careers Moving up in your field Entering or graduating from a college/professional school Leaving the military An international student/professional interviewing at a US firm