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The Career Journey: A book on career management

The Career Journey: A book on career management

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A vast majority of professionals enter the corporate world with absolutely no vision or plan with respect to managing their careers. Many leave their careers on "cruise control" and make the incorrect assumption that career growth will automatically happen with the passage of time. The few who do realize the importance of "actively" managing their careers do not specifically know what needs to be done, by when it should be done and how it should be done. The result of such a passive approach to career management not only results in unfulfilled dreams but also job dissatisfaction and career-induced frustrations and unhappiness in their personal lives. In the book, "The Career Journey", author Ram Iyer offers specific guidelines with the Corporate America working professional in mind. Such a professional may come in different flavors ranging from an engineer, a mid-level manager, an operations professional, a product marketing manager, a financial analyst or an entry-level young professional. The actual function, the role and the years in the job do not matter much. Many of these professionals are confronted daily with some of the very same fundamental questions : What is the best profession for me? Should I take or reject the job offer? Should I consider pursuing a Master's degree or not? Which school should I pursue my education at? What is the true value of an education in a corporate setting? How long should I stay with my current employer or current role? What "truly matters" once I am in an organization? What should I do to be seen as a leader? How should I manage my image as a "brand"? What are some of the key aspects of a business that I should always be aware of at all times? What brings true happiness in any job? Should I quit? How should I time it? "The Career Journey" will provide you with answers to all of the above questions and many more. The book has a lot of practical tips that can significantly increase the odds of career success for any entry or mid-level professional and is a must read for anyone who wishes to get on the fast track and experience career success sooner than later. Ram Iyer's simple, conversational and no-nonsense style of writing can open the mystery pages behind which lies the formula of success in any corporate setting!!!