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Flip It: how to Get the Best Out of Everything

Flip It: how to Get the Best Out of Everything

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A brand new edition of this classic personal development title, which has sold almost 30,000 copies.Author Michael Heppell is the UK's number one motivational trainer and his media profile is set to rocket in 2011.Flip It challenges readers to get curious about how they interpret and handle every situation. Liberating them from the beliefs that have been holding them back and giving a powerfully simple way to flip their thinking and energise their actions, so that they can get the very best from whatever life comes their way.At home, at work, in love and in life the Flip It techniques have already helped millions of people achieve what they want when they want. Containing a gloriously simple and straightforward philosophy, that really works, this is an intriguing, catchy and very memorable book. This new edition contains?."It's brilliant, it's simple, it's a joy?. I've read loads of self help books...this is the simplest, this is the best" Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2Pearson is the Personal Development and Popular Psychology Market leader with almost 14% market share.The Popular Psychology and Personal Development market was worth over ?10million in 2010. Flip It, 1st edition (9780273727514), Published November 2009, Life Sales 29,796 copies sold (TCM Nielsen Bookscan).