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Smart Guide To Forensic Careers

Smart Guide To Forensic Careers

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Forensic Science Humans are hard-wired to be curious and forensic investiations are a professional expression of that natural instinct. Forensic science studies the physical remnants of criminal activities--that is, evidence--and works to reconstruct those past events. In this way, forensic science can be thought of as a kind of "recent archaeology" or "nano-history," using evidence of things not seen to better understand the crime and its environment. Drawing on two decades of experience in forensic science, the author clarifies what fornesic science is (fascinating) and what it is not (television), explains the science behind the sleuthing, and offers real case examples to demonstrate how this science helps convict the guilty, exonerate the innocent, and lead investigations down the correct path. The science behind forensics explained Learn how modern forensic sciences help solve cases From scene to morgue to laboratory to court room--the breadth of forensic science Careers in Forensic Science Forensic science has never been more popular--or more misunderstood. The public's fascination with forensic science has pushed educational programs to the forefront of the profession. Student's are intrigued by this compelling science, educators see it as a way to draw students into science, and universities strive for accreditation of their programs. This has created many new degree programs in forensic science, some of which are not what they seem. How to navigate this confusing landscape of educational claims? The author, a 20+ year veteran of forensic science, has been at the leading edge of reforming forensic science education through his participation on government working groups and as Chairman of the Forensic Science Educational Program Accreditation Commission (FEPAC). This book will describe what careers are available in forensic science (and which ones to avoid), what to expect from a job in this field, what to look for in a forensic program, and how to get your first forensic job.