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Ancient Leadership Wisdom

Ancient Leadership Wisdom

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This book introduces ancient Persian leadership wisdom and advice based on values and principles that have endured for over 3,000 years. While we live in difficult times of economic crisis, regional conflicts, and social change, our challenges pale in comparison to the massive upheaval brought on by Alexander the Great's conquests, the rise of Islam in the Middle East and North Africa, and the Mongol invasion that is among the worst in human history for its cruelty and devastation. The successful leaders who lived and thrived through such times were guided by principles that have been passed down through the ages. These sage principles are based on integrity, kindness, humility, moderation, prudence, consultation, accountability, decisiveness, and astuteness. They are invaluable in helping leaders move their organizations, communities and countries to stability and prosperity and provide guidelines for daily life and relationships to help all of us succeed through day-to-day life and turbulent times by relying on ancient leadership wisdom.