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Champion Selling

Champion Selling

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Selling is often viewed negatively when actually it is the hub of commerce. When the sales process is engaged professionally, it helps individuals connect their needs and wants to products and services. A sales person is really a facilitator making that connection happen in the best way possible. Champion Selling is a book written in both a textbook and workbook format to help individuals become more effective at selling. This book helps you understand how to being the process of selling by moving someone from being a suspect to a prospect. It explains how to use the Seven Step Selling process to work with the prospect to match their needs and wants to your products features and benefits. The author and founder of World Leadership Institute provides courses and seminars using this material. This book however, will provide you with a great beginning to become a Champion Professional Sales Person! Courses are offered in person in several areas or via webinars. If you wish to enroll in a course contact World Leadership Institute at www.wlionline.com.