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Floss: The Business Development Bible for Dental Practices

Floss: The Business Development Bible for Dental Practices

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A comprehensive guide to successfully marketing your dental practice by one of the UK's foremost dental sales and marketing experts. a??David is a champion of innovation and marketing. His ideas and approaches should be studied if you want to stand out from the crowd...We have found his service to be exceptional! Highly recommended.a?? Barbara Naisby, Director, Black Isle Direct, Black Isle Dental Studio a??David is a skilled communicator who has a sound understanding of the business of dentistry.a?? Alun Rees, Principal, The Professional Coach a??I attended several of David's training courses on sales and I can say that he revolutionised my view and attitude to sales. He managed to educate me on a complex and big subject in ways that were instantly understood, and his effective and focused approach to his work shone through and was an inspiration to me.a?? Sandra Kanfer Clarke attended Sales Training with David in 2003 As we all know, dentistry is not just a vocation a?? it is also a business. Like any commercial enterprise, it has products, services and customers. Naturally, there are a number different business models that exist within the field of UK dentistry. Some businesses choose to negotiate a co-funding relationship between the actual customer and the local Health Service or an insurance provider. Others enjoy a more direct relationship with their customers. This book aims to provide dentists, practice owners and practice managers responsible for growing the business profitably, with a series of targeted strategies and methods for building a more direct and productive relationship with their customers - one that benefits both the consumer and the dental practice itself. As I am a sales expert and not a dentist, it is very possible that I may have got some of the clinical details wrong. However, dona??t let that put you off seeing the value of the ideas and strategies that I put forward in this book. Where appropriate, just insert the correct clinical detail and move on with adapting and implementing the proposed marketing plans within your particular clinical context.