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Everything you want to know about Agile

Everything you want to know about Agile

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For anyone who has encountered resistance in their efforts to introduce Agile approaches within their organization, this book is the key to overcoming that resistance.Making Agile work in your organization:Everything you want to know about Agile: How to get Agile results in a less-than-Agile organization is written specifically to address the challenges of implementing Agile within the unique structures, constraints and culture of your organization. An essential resource for business professionals and IT decision-makers, this book provides you with the information that you need to assess whether Agile is right for your department, to select the Agile methodologies and practices that are best suited to your work, to successfully implement these approaches in your department, and to monitor and measure the outcomes.Most importantly, Everything you want to know about Agile comprehensively addresses the issues that IT departments face when they try to implement Agile approaches within the constraints of their traditional organizations, including existing:governance frameworksproject management frameworkscorporate and departmental budgeting structurescontractscorporate reportingstaffing and performance review guidelineswhich are arguably the biggest challenges.Everything you want to know about Agile is written for executives, IT department managers and other senior decision-makers, yet is equally valuable for IT project managers, team leaders and management consultants who want to deliver successful Agile results.If you are an IT professional who is already familiar with the benefits of Agile, this book can also help you to address management concerns that Agile approaches may not work within the traditional business practices and constraints of your organization.The bottom line:Everything you want to know about Agile gives you a range of strategies for aligning Agile work within the reporting, budgeting, staffing and governance constraints of your organization. It is an essential resource for IT departments that want to deliver successful Agile results, even in the most challenging environments.