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How To Innovate: Vol 1: Unleash Your InnoMojo (Volume 1)

How To Innovate: Vol 1: Unleash Your InnoMojo (Volume 1)

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"I trust that you will enjoy this little book as much as I have. " - From the foreword by Kris Childress Ever wondered how innovation pros excel? 'How To Innovate - Unleash Your InnoMojo' unlocks the secrets of successful innovators, and reveals how you can be a more creative and effective game changer in business. This handbook is a primer for 21st-Century workplace innovation. Part self-development guide, part business & communication strategy handbook, it walks you through the critical mindsets, skills and processes everyone needs these days for sustainable innovative advantage. This book will show you how to: - Stay relevant & competitive in an ever-changing business climate - Banish innovation 'stuckness' once and for all - Stop good business talent from walking out your door - Get your ideas heard by those who matter - Trust your intuition & creative sparks