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The Economy of China

The Economy of China

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The emergence of China since 1979 has been a hallmark in the global economy, not only in the past but also in this century. This comprehensive book provides an analytical view of the remarkable economic development of the most exciting economy in the world.China's impressive economic growth has propelled it from being one of the poorest countries in the world to becoming its third largest economy. It is a complex economy with a mix of characteristics resulting from being both a transition economy and a developing country, which also points to the challenges that it still faces. This book explains China's remarkable transformation from a centrally planned to a more market-oriented economy through examination of the institutional reforms necessary to support such marketization and eventual global integration. Although no book will be able to be completely comprehensive given the scale of the economy and the remarkable pace of transformation over three decades, this study highlights the key areas giving an overview of the major developments in China's economy, enabling its prospects of continuing growth to be assessed.With topical discussion incorporating recent data and developments, this book will be a stimulating read for academic researchers, postgraduate students in economics, international business, Chinese and area studies, as well as anyone interested in understanding the Chinese economy.Contents: Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Economic Growth: 30 Years of Market Transition, Economic Development and Global Integration; 3. Enterprises and Agriculture 4. Labour; 5. Entrepreneurship; 6. Banking and Finance; 7. Law and Markets; 8. Innovation; 9. Social Coverage: Education, Pensions, Health System and Poverty; 10. International Trade, Foreign Investment and the Global Economy; Bibliography; Index