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The Art and Craft of Building a Life Insurance Agency

The Art and Craft of Building a Life Insurance Agency

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"In twenty-four years of life insurance sales and distribution, I have learned that Multilevel Marketing organizations are highly misunderstood by life insurance agents, insurance companies, and by the buying public. Jacques Augustina??s book, a??The Art and Craft of Building a Life Insurance Agency a?? Building a Business That Works When You Dona??ta?? explains in laymana??s terms what truly constitutes a multilevel marketing life insurance organization. In addition, it also provides an exploratory guide through which one can discover whether the life insurance business is a viable option as a potential career. Jacquesa??s insight and personal experience as an agency manager as well as a producer, provides the reader with the positive rewards as well as potential solutions to challenges that face everyone in the industry, from part-time producers to agency managers and the continuum in between. Whether you are a fledgling agent, an agency recruiter, or a promising manager, this is a valuable read and one that has changed my view of the life insurance business going forward. Jacques, I wish you and your family well as you embark on the journey to grow your business and educate others to do the same. I have no doubt you will be successful in both endeavors." -- Eric S. Rebenkoff