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Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future

Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future

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Is your business ready for the future? Scenario planning is a fascinating, yet still underutilized, business tool that can be of immense value to a company's strategic planning process. It allows companies to visualize the impact that a portfolio of possible futures could have on their competitiveness. It helps decision-makers see opportunities and threats that could emerge beyond their normal planning horizon. Scenario Planning serves as a guide to taking a long-term look at your business, your industry, and the world, posing thoughtful questions about the possible consequences of some current (and possible future) trends. This book will help you: Outline (and help you prepare for) any trends that could play out in the future that could change the political, social, and economic landscapes and significantly impact your businessExplore the impact of technological advances and the emergence of new competitors to your businessExamine challenges that are only dimly recognizable as potential problems todayThis visual book will help you answer this question: Is my organization ready for every possibility?