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2012 ERISA Facts

2012 ERISA Facts

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2011 was certainly a busy year in the employee benefits field. Stay up-to-date with all the changes and easily resolve hundreds of ERISA-related issues with 2012 ERISA Facts.Organized in a logical Q & A format with over 800 questions asked and answered 2012 ERISA Facts is a practical, highly focused resource supplying practical guidance on every key area of ERISA, including:HIPAA and COBRAInvestment IssuesProhibited TransactionsStatutory, Class and Individual ExemptionFiduciary Duties, Liabilities, and BondingFiduciary ResponsibilityMulti-Employer Plans (Taft-Hartley Plans)Multiple Welfare Benefit ArrangementsCompliance and Enforcement IssuesThe 2012 Edition has been updated to include:Complete and Thorough Analysis of Statutory and Class Exemptions under the Final Service Provider Fee Disclosure RulesMost current updates on Form 5500/ EFAST2 filing requirementsUpdates to Participant Level Fee Disclosure RulesDetailed analysis of the landmark Cigna v Amara Supreme Court rules impacting legal remediesMost Current HIPAA/Hi-TECH guidanceAnalysis of Final Regulations on Eligible Investment Advice ArrangementsAnalysis of new DOL Rules on Reporting, Disclosure and Enforcement of MEWAsMost Current Updates on Fiduciary Definition rule