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Industrial Productivity in Europe: Growth and Crisis

Industrial Productivity in Europe: Growth and Crisis

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This book analyzes growth at the total economy and industry level from an international perspective, providing unique cross-country comparisons. The authors focus on the EU-25 countries but also include the US, Japan and Korea. The chapters explore growth patterns from a long-run perspective, although greater attention is paid to the period of expansion from 1995-2007 and the post 2008 period of crisis. Each contribution builds on a common methodology based on a detailed database providing a high degree of disaggregation with respect to the industries and factors accounting for growth. The role played by ICT is expertly emphasized, in particular the different paths followed in the US and the EU. This topical book will prove to be an unrivalled source of comparative data for academics, practitioners and policy makers alike. Contributors:H. Creusen, P. Esposito, K. Fukao, M. Gornig, B. Gorzig, H.-O. Hagen, P. Havlik, M.S. Ho, R. Inklaar, D.W. Jorgenson, C. Kegels, H.J. Kim, M. Landesmann, S. Leitner, M. Mas, C. Milana, T. Miyagawa, L. Nayman, M. O'Mahony, N. Oulton, M. Peneder, H.K. Pyo, K.H. Rhee, A. Rincon-Aznar, J.D. Samuels, L. Serrano, R. Stehrer, M.P. Timmer, B. van Ark, E. van der Pijll, H. van der Wiel, G. van Leeuwen