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Foundations of the Knowledge Economy: Innovation, Learning and Clusters

Foundations of the Knowledge Economy: Innovation, Learning and Clusters

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This book presents new evidence concerning the influential role of context and institutions on the relations between knowledge, innovation, clusters and learning. From a truly international perspective, the expert contributors capture the most interesting and relevant aspects of knowledge economy. They explore an evolutionary explanation of how culture can play a significant role in learning and the development of skills. Presenting new data and theory developments, this insightful book reveals how changes in the dynamics of knowledge influence the circumstances under which innovation occurs. It also examines cluster development in the knowledge economy, from regional to virtual space. This volume will prove invaluable to academics and researchers who are interested in exploring new ideas surrounding the knowledge economy. Those employed in consultant firms and the public sector, where an understanding of the knowledge economy is important, will also find plenty of relevant information in this enriching compendium. Contributors: H.A. Cader, A. Cordes, A.P. Cornett, K.A. Gotvassli, H.S. Jensen, J.K. Jones, C.P. Junqueira, J.C. Leatherman, G. Maier, A. Murdock, O. Raspe, M. Russ, R. Scherer, R. Shearmur, J.A.R. Staduto, M. Trippl, F.G. van Oort, J.O. Vanebo, M. Walser, K.I. Westeren