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Economic Liberalisation and Indian Agriculture

Economic Liberalisation and Indian Agriculture

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Economic Liberalisation and Indian Agriculture is an in-depth study that throws light on the changes in Indian agriculture post the economic liberalisation of early 1990s. It provides a district-wise analysis on agricultural growth in India from the beginning of liberalisation to the period of slowdown in agriculture and rising farmer distress. The study undertakes an analysis of the spatial patterns of change in Indian agriculture at the state level during 1962 65 to 2005 08. The authors make use of detailed data for 281 district units for a comprehensive discussion of the changes in the cropping patterns and levels of agricultural output at the state and all-India levels during this period. The strength of this book lies in the fact that it combines theory and practice, tabular and econometric techniques, as well as statistical measures to analyses significant issues related to agriculture in India. This volume is a valuable addition to the existing literature on agriculture and will be of immense benefit to practitioners in the field of Agricultural Economics.