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A to B Guide to Delegation (Thrive A to B Guide)

A to B Guide to Delegation (Thrive A to B Guide)

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Delegation is one of the key essential skills for effective leadership. Often misunderstood as just the act of giving orders to employees, managers fall victim to practices that cause delays and poor outcomes. Done successfully, delegation improves management efficiency, drives better and faster results, and builds stronger teams. This guidebook will assist you in improving your management skills to enhance the trust, commitment and quality control you need to guarantee your team deliver great work time and time again. This series is written for managers and executives who wish to develop their core skills and those of their teams. Thrivea??s guidebooks aim to support and challenge you in your learning and development with a blend of coaching and mentoring approaches. The workbook style of the guides combined with advice and resources derived from the in-depth experience of top business leaders and executive coaches allows you to make lasting improvements to your career.