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Key Readings in Journalism

Key Readings in Journalism

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Key Readings in Journalism brings together over thirty essential writings that every student of journalism should know. Designed as a primary text for undergraduate students, each reading was carefully chosen in response to extensive surveys from educators reflecting on the needs of todaya??s journalism classroom. Readings range from critical and historical studies of journalism, such as Walter Lippmanna??s Public Opinion and Michael Schudsona??s Discovering the News, to examples of classic reporting, such as Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodwarda??s All the Presidenta??s Men. They are supplemented by additional readings to broaden the volumea??s scope in every dimension, including gender, race, and nationality. The volume is arranged thematically to enable students to think deeply and broadly about journalisma??its development, its practice, its key individuals and institutions, its social impact, and its futurea??and section introductions and headnotes precede each reading to provide context and key points for discussion.