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Fixing Britain: The Business of Reshaping Our Nation

Fixing Britain: The Business of Reshaping Our Nation

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Straight-talking solutions from the face of British businessDigby Jones did not hold back in his explosive first book. Now 'the face of British business' is back in paperback. With a renowned, no-nonsense, straight-talking approach, he is one of the world's most acclaimed business commentators. In his candid and forthright style, Fixing Britain puts the spotlight on critical national and international business issues and lays out the essential reform urgently needed for the growth of the UK. Knowledgeable, authoritative, and independent, Jones highlights how untenable the status quo is in the UK, and sets out how Britain can get back in--and stay in--the globalised race.Jones is never afraid to say what others are thinking--this is the most explosive examination of the state of British business in years.