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The 707 Revolution: And the Cost of Doing Business

The 707 Revolution: And the Cost of Doing Business

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In The 707 Revolution, author Harvey Stump examines the economic impact that this phenomenon has had on the economy of the United States. During our country's early years, corporate America had no major competition. It thrived, helping to create one of the greatest and wealthiest countries in the world. In 1955, the Boeing 707 passenger jet was commissioned. This sparked what Stump calls the 707 Revolution, created by jet cargo transports and semiconductor technology that changed our economic globe. Suddenly, everyone was closer, and purchasing goods from other countries became much easier. In the sixties, a country's cost of doing business became the most important element in its playing field. The 707 Revolution has changed our globe as much or more than any war, the Industrial Revolution, any natural disaster, any culture, any religion, or any movement. Today, the United States is no longer competitive in enough markets to have good jobs for our work force. It is essential that we, as a country, do whatever is necessary to get our economy healthy. Stump offers his thoughts on how we can reclaim our place in the global marketplace and work our way back to a healthy economy in The 707 Revolution.