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The Global Urban Competitiveness Report - 2011

The Global Urban Competitiveness Report - 2011

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The Global Urban Competitiveness Report - 2011 is an empirical study of the competitiveness of 500 cities around the world. This one-of-a-kind annual resource draws on a wealth of data sources, all of which are described and assessed. Using a sophisticated methodology and a team of 100 researchers from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the book not only ranks these cities but also presents a treasury of information with regard to the strengths and weaknesses of each city in relation to each other. The book includes a full discussion of the factors that create urban competitiveness and what sorts or categories of cities are most competitive, and comments on the policies and initiatives that are adopted by the most competitive cities. Scholars and researchers in the areas of urban economics, planning, geography and regional economics will find the information invaluable, as will local authorities, decision-makers and economic planners in cities throughout the world. Contents: 1. Annual Ranking 2. Conceptual Framework and Analytical Methods 3. Global Scale Urban Competitiveness Analyses 4. Urban Competitiveness Analyses of Sub-regions and Key Countries 5. Urban Competitiveness Analyses of Several Group of Cities 6. Econometric Findings 7. Best Cases on Competitive Cities 8. Global Urban Competitiveness Indices Bibliography