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The Oxford Handbook of Hindu Economics and Business (Oxford Handbooks)

The Oxford Handbook of Hindu Economics and Business (Oxford Handbooks)

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This Handbook, comprised of twenty-three chapters by distinguished authors, highlights the breadth and depth of Hindu Economics. With high rates of economic growth in India, policy makers, managers, investors, and scholars need to understand the business culture and economics of the region's predominant religion. Much of the knowledge in this field is scattered; this volume is the first of its kind to bring together various strands of research.Part one begins with a Hindu sage named Kautilya, who unbeknownst to many, wrote the first economics treatise containing laws of contracts, monetary and fiscal policies, practical Machiavellian ethics, Marxian `labor theory of value' and UN-type `human security,' circa 300 BC. Additional chapters discuss Hindu parallels to Darwinian evolution, the role of animals, beef eating, astrology, and the pursuit of wealth and pleasures without guilt. Part two focuses on recent history including the unexpected benefits of the Hindu caste system in helping amass social capital through risk-sharing, while nurturing entrepreneurship traits. The authors also cover Hindu marriage age, how the improving status of women can help solve India's population problem, charity in India, Hindu ideas relevant for modern day management and leadership, and yoga for growth in human capital. Two controversial chapters consider the paradigm conflict between generous (Dev) and greedy (Danav) persons and currency reform ideas to deal with corruption.