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Society and HRM in China

Society and HRM in China

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This volume looks at the relationship between society and human resource management (HRM) in China. In doing so it asks how representative the latter is of the former. The contributors argue that there needs to be a minimum degree of consonance between these two variables if HRM is to be sufficiently underpinned by social reality. It is only in a wider framework that a?people-managementa?? in general a?? and in China in particular a?? can be fully understood, whether through theory or through practice. Society and HRM in China explores the changes in Chinese society over the last century and then goes on to analyse how these changes have shaped Chinaa??s HRM. Arguably, HRM did not emerge from the void; it was shaped by the societal culture from which it sprung and the economic forces influencing its institutions and organizations. However, there is very little academic literature about the relationship between contemporary Chinese society and its HRM which isna??t extremely specific. As such, much of the research in this collection is not only relatively representative but also highly cross-sectional. The contributions are all drawn from experts in the field across the disciplines, hailing from a diverse range of national origins and educational institutions. They cover a wide range of topics, approaches and emphases. This book was originally published as a special issue of The International Journal of Human Resource Management.