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Fun Works: Creating Places Where People Love to Work

Fun Works: Creating Places Where People Love to Work

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Fun Works is a wonderfully written book. It has everything a business book reader wants. Solid principles, excellent stories to illustrate the point, and action tips about putting each into practice. You can even take the ''Fun/Work Fusion Inventory'' to test your own fun quotient and see if you're still in the horse and buggy days or are now up with the times, of bringing your whole self to work. And with this updated version, Leslie even follows up on the original stories to bring us current with each case example. You might be tempted to hide this book in your briefcase for fear that your boss might think you're trying to figure out creative ways to goof off at work. Instead, I recommend that you place it proudly on the top of your desk for all to see, letting them know that you are serious about creating a place where people love to work.