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Looking Out For Number 2

Looking Out For Number 2

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EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATION & FOLLOWERSHIP. The topic of followership has long fascinated me, as followership is an essential element within my most effective clients' organizations. Healthy followership is a real, genuine employee response to healthy, genuine leadership, especially if that leadership is clear about the vision for the organization, and a good plan is in place to achieve that vision. AN IMPORTANT OBSERVATION At one point, I was thinking about my most effective clients and discovered that a key differentiator for those organizations was the presence of a strong, effective #2 person. The person you rely on when you cannot or do not have the personal resources to attend to all parts of the business on your own. These are people that can: a?? Think like an owner a?? Model effective, healthy followership a?? Understand, promote & help deliver the organizational vision a?? Manage outcomes identified as essential within the strategic plan a?? Help employees to persist, succeed, & thrive a?? Learn new skills a?? Deal with some role ambiguity ASSEMBLING THE CONTENT FOR THIS BOOK In this book you will learn ways to accurately select your #2 person and how to delegate essential duties. You will read stories from owners that have brought #2s along effectively, and also benefit from some examples of what not to do. To assemble this book, I have spent hours interviewing #2's in various businesses. They have shared with me what makes them happy, and more importantly, what makes them stay. Some of the 2's in this book started out in the #2 position, and some naturally transitioned due to their drive and personality. FINAL THOUGHT If at any point in this book, you would like more detail or clarification, please feel free to contact me at bruce@bigrivergroup.com I will be happy to visit with you or help you get as much out of the book as possible. Happy reading!