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The Making of Captains of Lives : Prison Reform in Singapore 1999 to 2007

The Making of Captains of Lives : Prison Reform in Singapore 1999 to 2007

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This book tells a story of successful prison reform that brought the recidivism rate of prisoners down from 44% to 24%. In the process of this reform, the entire Prison Service was transformed from a custody focused mindset to a rehabilitation centred cultured. This change was wrought despite the lack of enthusiasm of the then political leadership having oversight of the service. The author describes his personal role in the reform effort, the methodology used to engender change in organizational culture and the struggles for the soul of the prison service and the hearts and minds of all those involved. These include organizations involved in the aftercare of ex-offenders, volunteers that came forward to assist in the efforts and the families and employers of offenders and ex-offenders. The journey ends with the Yellow Ribbon Project that now embodies the rehabilitative efforts for ex-offenders. The book provides an example to public sector leaders and employees on how successful and significant change can be brought about from ground up. It will encourage the hearts of all those civil servants who believe in serving their nations and societies by devoting themselves to a worthy cause in their day-to-day work.